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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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ness the old circuit city. it's going to be the only 24 hour pharmacy in the neighborhood so that's a benefit especially with the c mc campus. so it won't significantly alter the balance. we have the outreach for the neighborhood i'd like to have our colleague say a if you words about that >> good afternoon president fong and members of the board. i had the opportunity to work with cvs gathering support for their project. over the last 8 months cvs has reached it out to the merchant and other organizations
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surrounding the project on sutter. in february we invited over 6 hundred neighbors and other businesses and associations to you're open house for the project. that open house had one attend he. shortly after that we presented the project and in june we showed the project to alliance at their request. we sent out many, many flyers providing them contract information should they have additional questions. we've conducted several walks throughout the neighborhood providing yipts. we've maintained a regular presence this summer is he farmer's market discussing this
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project. we've worked closely with the newly opened business on sutter. since july introducing the new projects to the community and participating in a know your neighborhood social at sf in august to help acquaint the new merchants of the neighborhood. throughout this process our results are over 2 hundred and thirty active supportser see including mrpt and businesses. and over half of the current residents of sf. you should have copies of those in your packet for review. in conclusion the feedback from the community for this location has been overwhelmingly positive
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and the consensus is this is a great fit for van ness and the neighborhood is looking forward to our opening. unfortunately we were to have the manager of this sf to speak to the partnership and his support for the promise and the support of the other residents but he was unable to attend. feinstein i'd like to introduce my colleague who is the manager for the workforce in san francisco >> hi. the court: sustained. steven. we're tieftd of excited to be here. it's important for us to work cloels closely with the city in terms of hiring locallyly working with the mayor's office
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and staff. we participated with the mayor's office of workforce development and this has resulted in a number of citywide projects including san francisco university and the j v s strictly business. in july of this year we hired 1 hundred local residents. also recently, we signed other documents for businesses. in addition to cvs has worked on several nonprofit programs and one is the veterans assistance the strategy submit and we've worked with the larkin services and this is something donates
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important with the outreach in the different neighborhoods. i also want to make myself available this is the first time i've addressed you so thank you very much >> john again. i want to speak about a couple of issues about the letters that you have received. specifically with the alcohol stalz. we've been aware there are concerns in the community about alcohol sales so we've been reaching out to folks trying to workout a community benefit. that we've obey talking about participating in a community benefits district but there are a number of others things we're talking about with them. we've worked with you sdmirgsz
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or commissioner chu's office and cvs agreed to buy 3 acholic beverage licenses and retire one. so just an example of the benefits that could come through the conversation. and to add any alcohol it's going to - another heather and conversation by the board of supervisors >> we're asking you not to prohibit alcohol sales and come to a resolution that could add benefits to the community. we don't except to get it approved without the boards
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consent and an agreement with the neighborhood. just to talk about the acholic beverage sales only a one hundred square feet of the floor area is proposed to be dedicated to acholic beverage sales. i want to mention the fact that this issue came up and the city said in a district that they permitted the sales it wasn't permitted for the acholic beverage sales there but clearly the cities position has changed then and we become aware of it. if i could finish this last point. we're going to ask the neighborhood we believe that the act i - we're concerned about
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any precedent this will be in the districts that permit alcohol sales. there have long been a number of sales that have long been played on the conditions. thank you for the extra time >> opening is it up for public comment on this item. >> i do have a couple of cards here. zach and marilyn >> thank you and good afternoon. i'm exacting i'm from the larkin services we're located down the site. we're a nonprofit agency that provides services to homeless youth at this particular time in
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that neighborhood we provide housing services and mental and health services as well as case management. cvs reached out to us to create intirpz for our youth. those are the best type of services we can provide because underlines unless the training promising programs they can be on the resume and there hands on services. we believe that cvs giving us those internships will benefit the community >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm mary from the
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cathedral neighborhood i neighbors. first on community outreach i think this is the third time in a month saying cathedral neighbors doesn't know anything about the new projects the project claims they contacted us we didn't hear from them. i think it would be great if a project sponsor could talk to the folks in the neighborhood rather than having a meeting in a empty room where nobody shows up. regarding the outreach and the questions on the survey if you look at the postcards and all of the pay attention what the project sponsor is asking gentlemen, yes i support a cvs pharmacy that's the request
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being made in all the documents to the community. secondly regarded equal fair treatment we just had a meeting will be a month ago and in response to a request from for the neighborhood said early closings and no open over 9:00 o'clock at night and providing for security and being involved in more neighborhood safety. i think it's unfair to allow this arrangement to sell alcohol until 2:00 a.m. when we're across the street from them. one the things that's happened you know you've harder a lot about the corn issueser e issues
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is tobacco and alcohol sales. the retailer are going into the side streets and opening tobacco sales on van ness with more alcohol sales. you know the neighborhood has been talking to the project sponsor for 5 or 6 years there have been conversations and every single time the neighborhood has emphasized we need fresh food. if urge a to a grinning bring in cvs we need food. and finally there's two things here would cvs be a good thing a 24 hour pharmacy but if the pharmacy is going to be twoufrz the store doesn't have to be
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twenty-four hours it could be sectioned off. thank you >> representing the lower be polk neighborhood. cvs and their berg associates have long been excellent so them for their organization. in our letter we articulated we're adamantly against alcohol sales because of the independent retailer that are near by and it would create a district in our neighborhood that includes the general area and there's general support not to have alcohol. i want to commend cvs for
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keeping their commitments they retired an alcohol license but we didn't come to an agreement. the twenty-four hours operation the lisp of the organization has concerns with the 24 operations including safety and issues of prostitution and have homelessness. so the leadership of the organization is officially opposed to the 24 operation but we understand why the 24 operations would benefit the boarder city but we ask it be mandated that a security guard be there between 6 and 8:00 a.m. and you may want to consider having a hearing to follow up to
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make sure the 24 operation has been successful. and i can point to a case where there was a condition of approval. thank you for your time and i can answer any questions on behalf of the oxygen if you have any >> thank you. >> thank you, chris for the lovely speak. i'm the representative on pong street at the corner which sutter. i'm here representing for my boss because he's afraid it will close down the mom and pop stores and we are against the alcohol because right after hours at the 1:30 that's when people go crazy and do vandalism. i understand people need the - what's that word hi the
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convenience of despair pharmacy so that if urging to open a 24 pharmacy maybe open it down on cal high because close by high street there's a hospital. i was thinking suggesting that we should have something that's more, you know, structure for the homeless people because most of the people i know have no place to go or there's no where to use the bathroom they have to buy something to use their bathroom. there's some kind of hope for them to go for them that's light destroy. also we're talking about packing space and that would be a problem like if they have an sighed garage inside their
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building where there's a car coming out through the driveway. we do have wall grievances it's a 4 block road us there's one on larkin and there's another walgreens so i was hoping to get something else besides cvs. all i know i'm here representing my boss if you can resolve >> what's the name of your busy representative. >> discount groceries. >> any other questions at this
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point. >> thank you. that's - thank you >> >> next speaker, please. >> confirmations i'm francisco. i want to talk about process. this city has a planning department and bell knows that outreach is important. as a director of environmental justice advocacy i look at quality of life issues. i was very glad on the first day when our zoning czar who replaced the other zoning czar your young do the right thing. again and again, i see so many
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things they've done the outreach but they've have not done the outreach. i'm talking about the process it's very, very very difficult for people in this city to come to those meetings on only those who have too much time to waste and a too much money come to the meetings or if you're an advocate where you have data where you can take the commissioners to task not that we want to take you to task but you all need to do the right thing. so why do we need a pharmacy it's supposed to be having impacts like feeding those some bad habit. so you planners i know some of you all very well. i know you're planning director
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pretty well i keep i am updated with some of my blogs you guys need to go to a better place. i think your intelligent enough to figure out. san franciscans are fed up with the commissioners their fed up with a what's going on in this city. not only the permits that have long been given until willingly but the issues they never talk about the things they're talking about today. in general everybody talks about a carbon footprint but the worse thing is to allow the establishments to poison the
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body with smoking and access of alcohol. 24, 7. think about it >> is there any additional public comment? okay being no further public comment public comment is closed >> i think this is a good project for a number of reasons. as was mentioned the original plan was trader joe's it's a little bit different but nowadays cvs a becoming a common market. i want to one to buy some convenience items it was close and in my neighborhood it worked out well. i understand there are a movement a foot to establishment a benefit strict in the lower
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polk and i'm sure they'll be happy to participate in this but because we need the kinds of things that benefits the district would provide people on the street to police it to take care of problems that exist, graffiti and garbage thrown it on the street and people loifrt and passed out in the street. i think this would be good for someone to be in the area to combine the benefits district pr a few other things. the hiring their hiring a lot local and they will continue to almost all of their flez employees are from san francisco and this was mentions and density is an important thing in
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talking to a representative earlier today there are places in the central valley there is one store for every 25 thousand people. and they've got 55 thousand with the prospective of up to 55 thousand people residing in the area so the fact there's oakland another one not too far away there are hills there and big streets to cross and i don't see a problem with that. a couple of other issues there was a 24 question this is a two edge sword. some people say pittsburgh it's a a that's problem if the windows are open and the people can see what's going on outside your less apt to having people
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doing bad things i'm totally in support of the security guards and the cameras to run people off at night. if there's nothing there there's a good possibility urging to see the same thing. we should have we think the storeowners should be able to give the owners written consent to their properties that might be open to the street light even when they're not there are. you wonder why people are homeless additional passed out and the entries of businesses and you're told by the police they can't do anything unless the owner the building gives us the permission to do it. obviously the parking is needed
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because, you know, a lot of the people will walk and drive to there additionally some of the items are larger items and that's appropriate. then the question even if alcohol i believe that it shouldn't be decided at this time it was presented by staff and this is a separate item and it will come up in the future whether or not we will grant them if it's consistent with beer and wine on site. we may want to do that gone this is not part of what's being asked today. we should restrict our approval and be silent on the issue of alcohol to see what come forward in the future. those are my main feelings but
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with all the vacancies developing on the street and some of the activities that are less than desirable on polk anticipate van ness the moss more you can get the viable businesses the better the neighborhoods are going to be. >> commissioner borden. >> i'm findings that the cvs is cross by the i don't have an issue with the twenty-four hours there are many times i pickup prescriptions at night so that's an vanilla. and i'd be inclined towards some of the recommendations that mr. shulman made with the security guard and contemporaries.
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i don't understand the need for alcohol. first year if you're a pharmacy selling things to make people better i grew up with cvs so i know that cvs is fundamental without alcohol but i don't believe you have to have alcohol. so i'm personally thinking there is a conflict with alcohol is in pharmacy stores. you haven't presented in the case of hiding in california there was a larger issue between trader joe's there was a higher value that was thought to be gotten whether taking around the liquor license when the user was using that space.
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so for me makes it more questionable >> i have to agree i have one question to mr. kaplan. the twenty-four hours hours is being presented as cvs to operate twenty-four hours a dye day 7 days a week is this to the pharmacy or the store >> it includes the pharmacy but i will add commissioner the request is to remove the restriction for twenty-four hours. the reason being is that cvs believes that once they come into operation there's going on to be a demand for services 24 hours so allowing the twenty-four hours is to give cvs the flexibility but not operate for twenty-four hours but the
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parcy would be in operation during those hours >> okay. thank you. i don't know isn't they're going to be a pharmacy associated with in a medical office building >> i don't know if that's planned or not. i don't like twenty-four hours whatever the hours for traders jose was fine. so far as the crux we need alcohol in order for cvs to be a participant is bottom line bull give us. cvs is a huge multiple billion company and if they can't open with alcohol anyway i'm going to ask for restriction from 8 to 10
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and no alcohol on the premises. >> commissioners, i think if the commission wants to restrict the sale of alcohol on this site we recommended you make a condition or a,of course or two reminded to the impact of that. whether it's hours or an appropriate, you know, land use impacts or whatever it might be it's highly recommended you make a land use finding, if you will, for the restriction of alcohol >> i'm going to restrict it because kitty corner across the street we proved approved a liquor store license about a one hundred


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